Auto worker who Biden wanted to slap in the face gets a brand new AR-14


Jerry Wayne and the newly-created AR-14, “You’re full of s***” edition

This past week, dotty presidential hopeful Joe Biden was touring a Michigan plant and talked with auto workers. One worker wanted to know if Joe was going to take our guns away since he said he was. That’s all it took for Biden to go bonkers. Biden cursed, denied what he said, and told the auto worker he was going to slap him in the face.

He also told the man, Jerry Wayne, that he was going to take away his AR-14s. I personally was okay with that since there weren’t any.

However, now things have changed. Firearm manufacturer Next Level Armament gave Jerry Wayne a “Biden Edition” AR-14.

Biden likes to pretend he’s a “common man” and stands with them, but it’s not true. He’s a political hack who stands with and for himself.

Mr. Wayne doesn’t need the question answered. Of course, Democrats are planning to take away our guns. They’ve been clear.

Mr. Wayne was on Fox & Friends standing up for our rights:

The NRA didn’t overlook Jerry either:

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