Awkward! E. Jean Carroll’s 2012 Tweet


The E. Jean Carroll case against Donald Trump ended in a finding in her favor and a $5 million award. The case should have been thrown out, but it was in New York. The residents voted for Biden by more than 86%.

Carroll’s story was hogwash. An old tweet of hers has once again been making the rounds.

Most people know that Donald Trump was the Apprentice. Would you be a massive fan of his show if he raped you? It is awkward!

Well, this is awkward
by u/KlutzyArmy2 in walkaway

During the E. Jean Carroll civil trial accusing Donald Trump of rape and defamation, Judge Louis Kaplan refused to allow any evidence that exposed the type of person she is.

As Mr. Trump joked during the CNN Town Hall, his team couldn’t introduce Carroll calling her black husband an ape or naming her cat vagina. She was allowed to introduce anything she wanted to introduce – such as the Billy Bush tape. Trump’s attorneys couldn’t even let the jury know that Democrat mega-donor Reid Hoffman paid many, perhaps all, of Carroll’s expenses.

E. Jean even had a complete makeover.

Carroll, who has a history of accusing men of sexual assault, is not mentally well. She didn’t even know when she was allegedly raped and couldn’t narrow it down to within a year.

The statute of limitations was changed for just one year, probably so they could litigate this case which allegedly took place in 1995 or 1996.

Donald Trump’s lawyers didn’t present a defense or have him testify. That was probably a mistake. He was not found to have raped E. Jean but was found guilty of forcible touching, without any evidence, and defamation and ordered to pay her $5 million. The defamation was him calling her out after she accused him of a heinous crime.He has appealed.

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