RFK Jr: Warp Speed And Why Fauci Is the Highest-Paid Federal


In a recent interview with Russell Brand, Kennedy outlined stunning information he uncovered about Operation Warp Speed and the vaccines. If you read his book, this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. But there is new information at the end of the interview – Dr. Fauci worked on bioweapons.

“I wrote a book about how the pandemic was misused and that the public health response was not about public health,” Kennedy began. “It was about a militarized and monetized response, [it] was a pretense for clamping down totalitarian controls.”

I read Mr. Kennedy’s book, and it is impressive. It’s very well-sourced. He is a presidential candidate, and I’m not supporting him for that because he is a Democrat and is extreme on climate change. But he has done extensive work here, and I think he’s a good man.

Kennedy said the weird thing about the pandemic was the constant involvement of the CIA, intelligence agencies, and military. When Operation Warp Speed made its presentation to the FDA, they asked for organizational charts. They were classified at that time.

US Spy Agency Managed the Pandemic and the Vaccines

“When Operation Warp Speed turned over the organizational charts, they shocked everybody because the top organization that had managed Warp Speed was not HHS, which is a public health agency. It wasn’t CDC or NIH or FDA; it was the NSA, a spy agency. But that was the top agency, the lead agency on Operation Warp Speed and the pandemic. And the second agency was the Pentagon. And when you start looking  … the vaccines were developed, not by Moderna and Pfizer. They were developed by NIH. The patents are owned 50% by NIH. Nor were they manufactured by Pfizer or by Moderna. They were manufactured by military contractors. And basically, Pfizer and Moderna were paid to put their stamps on those vaccines – as if they came from the Pharmaceutical industry.”

“This was a military project from the beginning.”

Simulations of Coronavirus and Pandemics

Kennedy said that since 2000, the agencies conducted about 20 different simulations on coronavirus and the pandemic. The first one was right before the anthrax attacks, and then every year, the CIA was doing these, and the CIA was sponsoring them all.

The last one was about 2019. The participants were the CIA and the DNI, Avril Haynes, a spy, who is the highest-ranking officer at the NSA. They managed the pandemic.

Mr. Kennedy found that weird. Were they very prescient, or was it something else?

He said it was all about how you use the pandemic for censorship, forced lockdowns, and quarantines.

Kennedy explained how locking people down and quarantining them makes them more vulnerable. It breaks down the immune system. “So all the things they were doing were to drill down, to clamp down totalitarian controls.”

He explained that Doctor Fauci was working on bioweapons which is why he was doing gain-of-function.

How Dr. Fauci Became So Highly Paid

The intelligence agencies and Pentagon were worried about invoking the bioweapons charter by continuing work on bioweapons, so instead, they put it in the NIH. They gave Tony Fauci a 68 percent raise to work on it. That’s how he became the highest-paid federal official.

Barack Obama shut the operation down as Nixon had done decades before. But Fauci continued it. He just didn’t continue it in the United States. He sent it over to Wuhan.

It was weird because our intelligence agencies were sharing our technology with them.


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