Axe-Wielding Woman Smashes Up Neighbor’s Home With Grandma and Infant Inside


In time for Halloween, a 65-year-old woman in a long, mostly black outfit wielding an axe walked up to her neighbor’s home and started swinging the axe at the home where a young family lives. The grandmother was in the home babysitting the newborn and pulled the infant away from the window just as the glass shattered.

Axe Wielder

The woman, Beverly Baker, went back and forth a couple of times to smash up the house. She screamed out that the family should get out.

The owner is Armenian and afraid it was a hate crime.

The axe-wielding loon owns homes in the area and one across the street from the victim, Dr. Arman Tchoukadarian.

Police found her strolling along with the axe hitched to her back.

No one knows yet why she did it.  Guess what state this took place in…yep, you guessed it…lawless California, Pasadena to be exact.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the house suffered about $20,000 worth of damages.

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