Axios Openly Promotes SOCIALISM, a ‘New Form of American Capitalism’


AOC, the face of socialism, the future of the Democrat Party

The modern version of America capitalism seems destined to change — perhaps profoundly — for the first time in our lifetimes, Axios CEO Jim VandeHei writes.

The gist of the piece is “American Capitalism” is a problem that must be corrected. Their article on the issue is titled, A new form of American capitalism.

Axios claims capitalism is being squeezed by “socialism vs. strongman nationalism”. They phrased that wrong, it’s STRONGMAN SOCIALISM vs. nationalism.


To them, it means, “It’s no longer debatable: The system makes the big, bigger and the rich, richer. The rest of America stagnates or suffers.” That may be true but the reasons why and the solutions are vastly different between socialists and capitalists.

Then they quote Ray Dalio, a billionaire capitalist who made his money and now says, “everything must evolve or die. This is now true for capitalism.”

The income inequality is what makes “socialism attractive” to “the young” [the brainwashed] and the “Democrats broadly.”

They don’t bother to mention the problem of income inequality is actually caused by crony socialism/capitalism and socialist policies.

“The data is unambiguous,” they say.

Whenever Democrats/Socialists want to force an idea on people, they claim they have undeniable proof that cannot be contested.


The Democratic debate is less about Trump and more about redistribution, government intervention, and huge safety nets, Axios writes.

That is true.

Axios Future Editor Steve LeVine has written, the debate is shifting to whether too big and too powerful is simply too big, too powerful and too dangerous.

It isn’t capitalism that’s too powerful, it’s socialism as history and current events should have taught us.

Axios continues, this may manifest on the campaign trail as a referendum not only on reversing the tax cuts and implementing a New Green Deal, but then moving in the exact opposite direction — Trump as the last gasp of trickle-down economics, Axios’ Dan Primack notes.

The story continues, but you get the idea. Democrats and their allies in the media are fully on board with socialism. They want a socialist USA.

The new Axios editor claims we need to have the debate, but since when do Democrats debate anything?

The economy is doing so well and people are working, but Democrats will have none of it.

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