Axios Takes the First Shot at Trump’s ‘Radical’ Plan for “Gender Insanity”


Earlier on Sunday, Donald Trump unveiled his extensive plan to end “gender insanity” to protect minors. He took aim at puberty blockers and mutilation surgeries. Left-wing Axios responded quickly to Trump’s “radical” plan they described as attacking “trans rights.”

Axios claims, “former President Trump is promising to radically roll back transgender rights if elected president in 2024.”

They support the puberty blockers, the surgeries, and teachers telling children they might be a different gender. They also don’t want Trump “narrowly defining gender as a biological status consisting of male or female.”

Their ideology is very extreme, but they are successfully turning it around and making normal people look extreme.

At a rally in South Carolina this past week, Donald Trump said he would defeat the cult of gender ideology.

“We’re going to defeat the cult of gender ideology and reaffirm that god created two genders called men and women. We’re not going to allow men to play in women’s sports… we’re going to save the dignity of women and save women’s sports itself.”

Radical ideologies like transgenderism are destroying our culture.

Donald Trump also took shots at the anti-white, anti-American Critical Race Theory spreading venomously throughout our school system.

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Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 month ago

Synthetic vs nature
Modified vs organic
Artificial vs real
Delusion vs sane
Go green… Be yourself.

1 month ago

What we are seeing is an Extreme War on Woman and the Family from the Left. The Japanese (and Chinese) are working on robot full function female companions with very advanced AI. That will include the ability to produce a test tube baby. This strikes me as pretty much wanting to do away with women all together, except for a few egg donors. Don’t Believe It, just do a search on YouTube.

Why any woman would support Liberals or Democrats is beyond me because they don’t seem to see a need for woman in the Future. Maybe this is why the World Economic Forum Cult has revised it’s depopulation agenda to only 50% by 2050.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

End the madness. Support women as special people.
Real women should not be asked to compete in sports against men who pretend t be women. Get a clear and concise definition of “men” and women” into law, only on the basis of actual genetics, not outward appearance, then challenge it courts for the courts to make sure it is recognized as constitutional law.

All the stupid confusions that are harming national unity as well as productivity, need to be corrected so America ca be great again.

1 month ago

Few Republican Senators and Congressman/women are saying the same. Let me know if you find one.