Ayanna Pressley: “Fix your damn headlines,” Rittenhouse is a white supremacist terrorist


Ayanna Pressley has declared the 17-year-old white boy Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist,” without one bit of proof that he is. Like her comrades in the media and in Congress, she does not believe in due process. And you must all believe as she believes, which is the rioters were “assembled to affirm the value, dignity, and worth of Black lives.”

These are the same people who will never show up in Chicago.

She has also found him to be a domestic terrorist, again, without evidence.

The shooter was interviewed several times the day of the shooting and he expressed no racist views. Instead, he was helping BLM and antifa, stating that he is an EMT. He washed graffiti off buildings and said he was there to portect businesses. He lives twenty miles away in Antioch, Illinois.

There is also no evidence he is a domestic terrorist, but there is plenty of evidence her peeps in BLM and antifa are. But, she never criticizes them.

We can all agree the 17-year-old should not have been patrolling the streets with a serious rifle. We don’t know why his family let him go or if they even knew.

But he was there to protect businesses. There is no evidence yet that he was a member of any white supremacist groups. He supported the blue and that appears to have been his goal.

Without any evidence whatsoever, the media slandered Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. There was no misogyny or white supremacy evidenced in his media feed.

Yet, the irresponsible people are out there smearing him:

The New York Times searched his social media feed exhaustively. They found that “multiple posts on his social media accounts show support for pro-police causes like the Blue Lives Matter movement and Humanize the Badge, a nonprofit that he ran a Facebook fund-raiser for on his 16th birthday.”

That is not white supremacy.

Not a Murderer Either

There is no proof Rittenhouse is guilty of murder either, at least not yet. Video shows all his shots appear to be self-defense.

The New York Times, a far-left newspaper, put a lot of work into tracking Rittenhouse’s movements on that Tuesday night. The resulting breakdown is damning to the prosecutors and media figures who say Rittenhouse is a racist murderer.

The Times notes, among other things, that Rittenhouse was seen on social media video throughout the night mostly staying in the area of a Kenosha car dealership — a different one from where the first shooting occurred. The Times also noted that he was captured in multiple videos offering medical assistance to protesters who were affected by pepper spray that police used in the area. He was then seen passing out water bottles to police and talking to officers in the area. He left that dealership, and police prevented him from returning.

In the first shooting, an aggressive rioter, Mr. Rosenbaum threw something at him and chased him. Rosenbaum was shot as he lunged at Rittenhouse. In the second shooting, the victim who died had just hit Rittenhouse in the head with a skateboard. The third man shot didn’t die but he was chasing Rittenhouse with a gun and looked as if he was about to shoot in the available videos.

But, Democrats like Ayanna don’t like due process. They choose trial by public opinion. And anything to blame Trump.

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