Babylon Bee Takes It to The NY Times and they caved


The Babylon Bee is a humorous right-leaning satire website that drives the far-left media, social media, and fact-checkers crazy.

The left doesn’t like effective satire. The Capitalism page kept getting knocked down for memes. They would say obvious satire was spreading “false news.”

Facebook de-monetized the Bee over a “witch” article. Twitter pulled a similar stunt.

The Bee is very popular.

That irked the unfunny New York Times and Big Tech who have claimed they publish “misinformation under the guise of satire.”

In March, Bee CEO Seth Dillon suggested that the site would take legal action if the Times did not correct an article they published about Facebook’s failure “recognizing irony.” The Bee wanted them to remove all references to the Babylon Bee as a “misinformation” website because it was, in the Bee’s view, defamatory.

Dillon took to Twitter today with an update, and it’s great news for a change. The NY Times caved.



  1. No satire for you, kulak.
    The headline sounded like a wrestling match and the bee was sticking it to the comrades of the long marching faculty lounge unity collective.
    Mystery Babylon bee is funny at times then it is bizarre when it happens in reality or something even crazier, bwahaha!

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