Back the Blue, Tough on Crime Lee Zeldin Has a Long List of Law Enforcement Endorsements


Back the Blue, Tough on Crime Lee Zeldin

Has a Long List of Law Enforcement Endorsements

by James S. Soviero

Politics can be, and often is dirty business.  Case in point would be Harry Wilson, an Alvin Bragg Republican, who actually contributed dollars to that dangerous DA’s campaign.  Harry, a very late entry into the New York State governor’s race has been using his hedge fund millions to run scurrilous ads claiming Lee Zeldin wanted to defund the police.  

So let’s see how the brave men and women “in blue” really feel about Lee.  Joseph DiMartino of the The Nassau County Probation Officers Association may have said it best.

“As a New York Senator and United States Congressman, you stood in strong support of the men and women of law enforcement,” said Joseph DiMartino, President of the Nassau County Probation Officers Association.

“When it appeared to be popular amongst politicians to abandon public safety in favor of political points, you doubled down in your support of the members of law enforcement and the great work they do every single day. You had the courage to stand up against anti-police radicals that called for the defunding of police, knowing such dangerous rhetoric would come at a cost of public safety. We believe you are the only candidate that will finally end the disastrous bail reform responsible for protecting criminals and abandoning victims.”

Mr. Demartino is not alone in his praise for Lee.  With this endorsement, Zeldin has, since 2020, gotten that kind of support over 3 dozen times. 

Here is a partial list: Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association (PBA), Suffolk County Superior Officers Association, Suffolk County Detectives Association, Suffolk County Probation Officers Association, Suffolk County Detective Investigators PBA, Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs Police Benevolent Association, Police Benevolent Association of New York State, Police Benevolent Association of New York State Troopers, Inc, New York City PBA, Nassau County PBA, New York State Association of PBAs, and the New York State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

None of his opponents, trying to ride the hedge fund millionaire’s lies, can claim anything close to this kind of “love” from law officers throughout The Empire State.  Certainly not Harry Wilson, who was backing criminal-enabling Alvin Bragg, long before even pretending to be backing the blue.

Please don’t be fooled.  

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1 year ago

You think the police support you? You are a fool, they’ll turn on you the first chance they get.

1 year ago

Lee is a fine, good and honorable man. He has a good family and believes in law and order. He’s not a phony like many politicians are. He will stand up for your Constitutional and civil rights.

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

Lee’s a tireless battler who has won his last seven races, two against entrenched Dem incumbents. He beat both by double digits, and kept his promises once in office.