Bad News for Bidens, the Probes Are Only the Beginning


Recently Rep. Comer secured a bank record of a Hunter Biden business partner. Three million dollars from a Chinese Communist Party energy company went to Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden, and Joe’s brother Jim Biden. As Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Comer is examining these very concerning connections. This is only the beginning, and the committee plans to get to the bottom of it.

Fox News reporter John Roberts interviewed Rep. Byron Donalds (FL-R) and asked him key questions. You can read the transcript or watch the clip. This investigation is heating up. There’s a lot of smoke here.


John Roberts: “…we don’t know exactly what transpired for that Chinese company to deliver millions of dollars into the hands of an intermediary, which then funnels some of that money to the Biden family. Do you have any idea what Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and Hallie Biden were doing?”

Byron Donalds: “Well, I’m not quite sure what Hallie Biden was doing because her vocation, as she says, it is as a school counselor. So, it’s lost on me why she was getting tens of thousands of dollars. but let’s be very clear they were getting the money for something. We don’t have that information yet, but we’re going to go find out because this investigation is not slowing down. It’s just speeding up.


John Roberts: “So in terms of selling influence supporters of Hunter, Biden will point out that’s not a crime. So where is the evidence of illegality here? I mean you can say that this looks bad, that there may be impropriety, but where’s the illegality?”

Byron Donalds: “Well, there’s not so much about illegality and that that remains to be seen. Let me put that aside because again, we still have to go through the full investigative process. What we see so far is you see a structuring of of of of of wires from this account at Robert Walker LLC going to various elements of the Biden family through many various businesses.

“What is not seen, and this is highly unethical, is that you have a top-ranking official in the US government, somebody who was vice president under Barack Obama. Somebody who is now president of the United States, whose family was taking money from foreign entities. For what? We have no idea. What the oversight committee is saying is that if this is going on, this should be disclosed to the American people, so the American people are fully aware of the business dealings of the family…”


John Roberts: “When he was on with this last hour, Chairman Comer said that one of the big problems with the White House is it keeps changing its story.

Roberts played a tape of Comer saying the following:

“They’ve continuously changed their story. Just a few months ago,, when I announced the investigation after the house flipped,, they said there was nothing to the laptop. That it was complete Russian disinformation. So they’ve denied the existence of these payments directly to the Biden family all the way until the day that we actually produce bank records. I don’t think the White House ever thought that I would get my hands on those bank records and I’ve got some bad news for the White House  -this is just the beginning.

John Roberts: “Chairman Comer also suggested that the documents that he has been telling us about in the last couple of days may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bank records.”

Byron Donalds: “Oh no, I agree with the chairman on this one. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Byron Donalds: “We have more work to do, and let me be very clear on this the White House and the Biden family would think, oh we’re just out to get them, not true. “This is a major ethical issue with the person who is the leader of our country. If he is setting domestic and international policy in part being being being put pressure on or implications put on him because of the dealings of his family and also his dealings through his family over the last ten years. That’s a major issue for the American people. That’s how that type of implied pressure, whether real or perceived, should be known by the American people through disclosure.”

“And I think that’s what the oversight committee is doing we’re going to continue to investigate this. This is not gotcha politics. If you’re going to make the Green New Deal part of the energy fabric of the country, then tell the American people that you have to get the minerals from cobalt mines in Africa using child slave labor and that the batteries are put together in China and the Chinese are gonna make massive profits while we get green. But is the Biden family are they getting money as a result of this as well? These are things that the American people need to know. This is why the oversight committee is going to continue to push.”


John Roberts:  “The question that I have here, congressman, and you could put this under the heading of patriotism, all of this was happening at a time when China was building up its military at a breakneck pace, as it continues to do, as it was building military facilities on disputed islands in the South China Sea, and pushing its agenda to become the dominant global superpower, pushing the United States out of the way. And you have to wonder what was the family of the sitting vice president doing business with China.”

Byron Donalds: “That’s exactly right. And by the way, China is still in that business today. Let’s not act like that was just happening when Barack Obama was president. It’s happening again now that Joe Biden is president. So what are those relationships? How deep do they go with the Chinese government or the CCP or business apparatchiks around the Chinese government? And what does that mean for American foreign policy and American domestic policy? That’s the root cause of this issue.

“Look, the Chinese are having more influence on the South China Sea, where most trade goes through the world. The Chinese are continuing to expand their military footprint in Southeast Asia. Major implications for the world,, and the Chinese have become a dominant player in cobalt, rare earth minerals,, and all the things that the Green New Deal leftists love to see as a part of their energy plan. They’re dominating the globe in that.  So what is Joe Biden’s family doing getting wire transfers from Chinese companies? That’s an amazing question that the American people need answers to.

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11 months ago

Not a single flying ‘f’ from me regarding to what happens to that perverted dirty old racist goat who molested his own daughter.

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
11 months ago

Oh they are going to piss and moan but not a damned thing will happen to this senile old pos lying crook child molester communist lover, not a stinking thing nothing nada .

11 months ago

LOL! The corrupt DOJ will never prosecute the corrupt Biden Cartel. Don’t be ridiculous. They’ve already gotten away with selling us out to China. Just like Fauci got away with killing so many of us and even Hillary is still at Liberty in spite of her criminal prowess.

Charlie Costello
Charlie Costello
11 months ago

The most important issue we have is stolen elections. The rest is water under the bridge and we know royalty never goes to jail