Ballots printed in China, and a printer in MI with fraudulent ballots?


Jennifer Zeng, an independent reporter, claims that a factory in China printed at least 1.5 million ballots. Her source requested and ordered 5,000. That coincides with an announcement via tweets by the former founder and CEO of Overstock, Patrick Byrne.

According to Patrick Byrne, a Chinese shipping receipt was recovered among hundreds of thousands of shredded ballots in Georgia.

Byrne tweeted: A handful of papers stuck to the side of the shredding bin. They include some unshredded ballots (which 2 federally certified forensic examiners have affied do not match the legitimate ballots). ALSO, A SHIPPING RECEIPT FROM THE CHINESE FIRM THAT PRINTED THE BALLOTS! IN CHINESE!

He added: A shredding company in neighboring Cobb County, Georgia was on December 31 given roughly 3,000 pounds of ballots to shred. Authorities have come into possession of those materials.

In addition, Byrne said: China sent counterfeit ballots to Fulton County, Georgia. During the counting on election night, all but four people were shoved out of the counting operation on the grounds of a dangerous “water main break” (that turned out to be “a toilet overflowed”).

Last Wednesday, December 30, the Georgia Senate Judiciary voted to inspect those Fulton County voting operations. Hours later (as I have previously posted) Enterprise vans pulled up and got filled up with voting materials.

Zeng’s tweet:


If you will remember, a truck driver said at the end of November and in early December that he was hired to drive ballots from Bethpage, New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. That was strange and little has been done to investigate.

Bryne asserts that a printer in Michigan printed ballots for Pennsylvania. He printed additional ballots that somehow made it to Bethpage, New York. In New York, the ballots were processed for Biden, fraudulently filled out, by people who are not identified on the ballots, according to Byrne.

It needs to be investigated and the results need to be transparent.

Byrne said the DOJ was told to stand down.

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