Banks Debank Oil & Gas, Whole Industries, Moving Away from Capitalism!


Nearly 200 financial institutions have signed-on to the U.N. Finance Initiative’s Principles of Responsible Banking. One of its six core principles is alignment of a bank’s business strategy with, among other things, the Paris Climate Agreement, which has broad implications for the oil and gas industry.

Thirty banks, including the six largest banks, are refusing to work with entire industries because they have cowered to their leftist WOKE masters. This is a dangerous and alarming trend. It’s authoritarianism at its worst.

It includes conservative social media sites like Parler, Brandon Straka, and others hated by progressives, but also oil and gas companies, private prisons, and gun manufacturers.

If you remember, back in 2013, Rahm Emanuel threatened and pressured banks to not do business with gun manufacturers. The same people in charge then are in charge now behind the curtain.

The decisions to refuse services to these industries came from progressive leftist nutjobs. This trend could lead to banks discriminating against any industry that the progressives don’t like at any given minute.

If more banks continue to commit to refusing financial services to the energy industry, our country will be heading for a catastrophe. So far, as one example, six of the largest banks in the United States have already said they will not fund new explorations and production projects in the Arctic.

The Bank of America ruled out financing drilling in the Arctic, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which helped make us energy independent. They were followed by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citibank. They’ve decided they must morally protect the Arctic as if drilling will damage it.

Ben Cushing here is a Sierra Club extremist:


Debanking fossil fuel firms will lead to a severe energy shortage in this country.
We already have dangerously low investment commitments for new exploration from energy firms hit hard by historically low oil prices.

Several of the same institutions — as well as others including SunTrust (now Truist) and Bank of America — had earlier announced they would stop lending to operators of privately run prisons, prompted by the attention given to illegal alien detention centers. They want open borders and doing away with these prisons does away with detention.

These companies must spend money on exploration and production projects now to ensure that we have sufficient energy in the future. Even if we continue to expand renewable energy production at high rates, we will still need fossil fuels for power and for industrial production.

However, if you will remember, Biden recently nominated a communist for comptroller who wanted to put all banks under one central bank — the Fed. It’s easier for an authoritarian government to handle. She was knocked out thanks to a few Democrats but his next nominee won’t be much better.

Despite what activists say, if we want to maintain our current lifestyle, let alone improve the circumstances of developing countries, we will need oil and gas for many years to come.

Leftist control of banks means they will also be used as a political weapon.


This growing trend concerned the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) enough that it decided to weigh in with a proposed rule that essentially says to any national bank of $100 billion and up that is making such decisions: “You can’t do that.”

OCC calls the proposal the “fair access rule.” It doesn’t single out any particular institutions nor the U.N.’s list of principles. But the regulator notes an increasing number of similar initiatives aimed at encouraging or pressuring — depending on your perspective — financial institutions to commit to climate change, sustainability, and other environmental or social targets and agendas, not only by words but actions.

Banking leaders have increasingly been responding to such forces and not necessarily out of altruism.

Banks are now basing their decisions on fleeting leftist WOKE morality. That is not capitalism. They are moving away from capitalism and that should terrify people.

Banks are being pressured into aligning with the UN, the Dictator’s Club.

Leftist morality is based on an atheistic, lawless, relativity. Be afraid. It allows banks to blow with the wind of tyrants.



  1. They have already all but taken control of our healthcare and eventually there will be a total government takeover of the entire oil and gas industry. Next will be a total destruction of the sovereignty of all democracies with central government for the world to follow.

    • Total control of all gommermints by the globalist cartel is their ultimate goal, and they intend to achieve it by any means necessary..In order to achieve this goal they are willing to implode the economic structure of every single country on the planet and rebuild it in the image they prefer, total control of every aspect of everyone’s life.

  2. Are they also applying the same “Woke Supremacy” rules to China’s absolutely filthy industries? Don’t be silly.

  3. Net zero emissions would mean there is no life on the planet aside from plants and trees and such, nothing to even fart. Freaking idiots, can’t possibly pull that one off without throwing the planetary ecology totally out of balance. What utter shyte.

    And as far as the banks not financing anything, who’s kidding anyone, in many cases, with few exceptions, they don’t finance squat, it’s governments that are doing the financing, and the banks just hold the $ and distribute it as whomever see’s the need. And in these cases they are simply refusing to do so, and this is just virtue signaling right along with the Globalist plan…

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