Barack Did Some Essential Golfing As Michelle Scolded Folks to Stay Home


Politico reported that last Saturday former President Barack Obama was seen playing a round of golf at the Robert Trent Jones Country Club in Virginia.  Those beautiful greens and fairways are located about 40 minutes from Barack’s very upscale residence in Washington D.C.

“This outing occurred despite the fact that both D.C. and Virginia are under a strict lockdown and have been for about a month.”

At about the same time hubby was reaching for his putter, Mrs. Obama was offering a message via a public service announcement. In a dispatch automatically sent to everyone’s phone, Michelle scolded residents to shelter in place unless they needed “essential healthcare, essential food or supplies, or go to your essential job.”

Right about now many readers are thinking along with Tucker Carlson.  On his Wednesday show, Tucker said, “It didn’t seem to occur to her that those standards might also apply to her family, and that’s why she didn’t mention essential trips to your country club.”

But maybe we shouldn’t be so harsh.  After all Barack Obama’s done this kind of thing before.

Remember back in 2014, when ISIS released a video showing the barbaric beheading of American journalist James Foley?  Unfortunately for President Obama, the timing could not have been worse, cause he was vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.

So he tried to mix business with pleasure by making a statement on the horrific act, just before heading to the first tee.  Well, that didn’t go as planned because minutes after sharing a seemingly heartfelt, somber moment about Mr. Foley’s butchering, Barack was photographed yucking it up on the course with his buddies.

But why wouldn’t he think that was fine?  Five years earlier, on the same day his administration declared the Swine Flu pandemic a “Public Health Emergency”, President Obama was off to play 18 holes.  If you don’t believe that, we have this from the New York Times.

After he’d said a few words they wrote, “ The president’s comments came at the end of a weeklong balancing act in which his public words and actions were carefully measured to summon a sense of urgency without setting off a panic. It was no coincidence, his aides said, that he played golf the day his administration declared a national emergency. And there were behind-the-scenes worries about whether he would be ridiculed for using a presidential news conference to urge people to wash their hands.”

Are you wondering why Barack’s handlers were worried about him being criticized for using a presser urging folks to wash their hands but completely unworried about the press condemning him for playing golf?  The answer’s simple.

Even then these fawning media types knew much more than us commoners.   They knew that in times of great stress, and notwithstanding Michelle’s hypocritical directive, chasing a little white ball around great green spaces, was  “essential” for Barack Obama’s good health.

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Joe D'Uva
Joe D'Uva
2 years ago

I wonder which reporter will end up on the liberal “SNITCH LIST” to get that BIG PRIZE!!!!

John Gault
John Gault
2 years ago

“shelter in place” such a nice euphemism for martial law

2 years ago

Any chance he might develop cancer from the pesticides and herbicides used on the golf course? Like DeWayne Johnson from the Monsanto weedkiller who was the 1st person to take a company like this to court and win.
From the chemicals produced by the companies he and every Democrat endorses, line Dow, Monsanto, Bayer and others.
How obvious it needs to be for people to see that the Democrats are saturated by poisonous lizards and they don’t want the well being of the people?
How hard it is is to see the intentions of foundations as Clinton, Gates, Soros or other and their ties with Big Agro, Big Pharma and many others who corrupted FDA, AMA, NIADI and basically the access to proper diagnostic and curable treatment.
People need to wake up and support every movement that brings light into their quality of life. Organic is not an option but it should be mandatory be it food, golf course, football course and so on.
I hope Obama will play golf every day and invite the masturb…tor Clinton and the full of stamina Hitlary C. to join him until their endorsed pesticides and herbicides will cause them cancer.
Then they’ll go and sue the very companies they support.
What a sick group of clows and many already show signs of sickness but they don’t even realize it.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Don’t you understand? Laws and edicts are for the little people, not the ruling elite. Just ask Barack Hussein Obama, Chris Cuomo, Bill DeBlasio and Lori Lightfoot.

BillyBob Texas
BillyBob Texas
2 years ago

Eff’g ELITES……. not surprised at this ………..such a POS