Barack Obama, Communists, Socialists Are Behind Today’s GOTV Marches


Paul Sperry’s column this weekend at the NY Post focuses on the role of Barack Obama in today’s revolutionary marches, that amount to Get Out the Vote Hispanics marches.

Today’s marchers are backed by the former president’s closely-tied ‘Organizing for Action’. The OFA trained and deployed organizers in 27 Republican-held districts, many with large Latino populations who vote Democrat when they come out to vote. These marches are truly a Get Out the Vote drive.

It will be hard for Republicans to compete with the Democrats in winning over Hispanics.

OFA has already trained 40,000 leftist agitators in person or by webinar according to tax records, Sperry writes. It was also cited in the New York Times.

OFA has also partnered with the angry, violent Indivisible Project. Those are the people who should w up at GOP town halls to shut down and threaten representatives and threaten.

The OFA agitators will storm Republican districts during the Fourth of July recess to ostensibly shout down ‘Trump’s racist policies’ as per their website. These are obviously Fascist tactics.

The OFA receives funding in part from the Soros Democracy Alliance. THat’s the group that works with the evil David Brock.

Every tactic they use is from the hard-left Saul Alinsky playbook.

The goal is to make Americans think the majority is with them. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were trained in Alinsky tactics. For Hillary, it was with the Communist Alinsky himself.

Meanwhile, the OFA Executive Director Katie Hogan has partnered with Obama and Holder’s gerrymandering project to manufacture future Democrat victories.


Republicans are very worried. They should be. OFA and all the other leftist movements are extremely dangerous and the media refuses to mention that Communists and Socialists are behind them.

Even Fox News won’t mention it.

Don’t be fooled when people try to say communism, socialism, democratic socialism are different. Whether you vote in statism or it’s forced on you, it does not matter. They all end up the same.

Obama pretends he is not involved but he is always involved and he is a Communist.

Read the Sperry article.

Look at who is behind these marches. Don’t take my word for it. Look closely.


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