Barack Obama Sends Out Dog Whistles to Vote Early [and Often?]


Barack Obama wants those illegal ballots cast as soon as possible in Virginia to make sure the authoritarian crook, Terry McAuliffe is re-elected. They now have 24-hour unsecured drop boxes for the illegitimate voters. Obama is sending out a dog whistle to ineligible voters.

Remember when Obama suggested illegal aliens can vote and no one will know. It was subtle but it was a dog whistle.

The one thing Republicans don’t seem to understand is that Democrats do have the illegal vote conquered and they won’t win too many elections until they do understand it and act appropriately.


“Before we start anything else, I want to remind you and everybody who’s watching, you don’t have to wait until November 2nd to cast your ballot,” Obama said. “You can vote early, right now. Either by mail or in person.”

He’s saying the same thing in New Jersey to prop up Governor Murphy, another authoritarian.

That’s another form or corrupt voting — maiil-in voting. The ballot harvesters will be working overtime.

“Don’ be lollygalling [sic],” comrade Barack said. “Don’t be, don’t be sitting on the couch saying, ‘I’ll get to it later.’ You can vote early right now. If you get a ballot at home, you can return it by mail. Or you can hand it in at your local registrar’s office. Or you  can take it to a drop-off location today. Don’t leave it on your desk.”

“Millions of Virginians voted early next year,” he added. “Let’s do it again this year.”


“Gov. Ralph Northam (D) signed legislation in early September to allow localities to have ballot drop boxes inside and outside local registrar’s offices, at satellite voting sites and polling locations on Election Day,” WRIC reported.

“Before the measure was passed, Virginia Democrats stressed that the boxes would provide a secure alternative for voters to drop off their ballots without having to mail them or going to the post office while Republican lawmakers argued that the drop boxes could create opportunities for voter fraud,” the report added.

The election regulations provided to 8News show that the security of the ballots is far from ideal.

“The standards, which were provided to 8News, state that localities can decide whether to have a secure drop box or one monitored by a staff member,” the report said.

“Secure drop boxes ‘must be constructed of durable material able to withstand vandalism, removal, and inclement weather, and be securely fastened to prevent moving or tampering’ and a video surveillance system must monitor them.”


“Staffed locations do not need to use a drop box, and instead may have ballots placed into either: 1) a container placed behind a counter; or 2) a portable container that can be transported to a curbside or mobile voting area,” the Virginia Department of Elections stated.

Absentee ballots dropped off inside the boxes will be collected at least twice a day “by two officers of election representing the two major political parties,” the department added.


A Capitol Research Center report on the 2020 elections updated in May 2021 shows the extensive interference in the Virginia election that was caused by drop boxes funded by the Mark Zuckerberg-backed Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL).

Nearly $4 million went to Virginia from these corrupt frauds.

The Facebook oligarch spent half a billion dollars to corrupt the election and swing it to a mentally impaired leftist crook.

Zuckerberg and the CTCL paid for election judges, satellite offices, the machines, the drop boxes, that undermined state law.
  • Mark Zuckerberg purchased local election officials.
  • More than $500 million swayed the election.
  • Dark money spurred the chaos in this election.

Corporate elites and the media have tried to suppress this information.

Private funding purchased government officials and offices. The officials then allowed private Democrat organizations to explore the information of private individuals which they monetized for the benefit of the left.

They incentivized officials to violate federal election law. The election was done under Zuckerberg’s plans. And they did it in plain sight.

An outstanding article by Joel Kotkin at The Claremont Institute is a must-read. It’s long but it consolidates and clarifies exactly what is going on in our society. From the article, we can see how government, large corporate powers, dependency on China, the Great Reset, and our cultural revolution all collude to destroy the lower and middle classes.

It’s long and deep, but we hope you read it.

What we see today is the merging of the soulless and the greedy who call themselves idealists and Democrats.

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Bart Tuben
Bart Tuben
2 years ago

Eff Obama.

2 years ago

Even Dead Democrats vote early and often!

2 years ago

The earlier the vote the more time the vote manipulators have to ensure they get the number of votes they need to ‘win’…