Set Armorer Gave Unchecked Gun to a Child & There’s Baldwin’s Tweet


The really young 24-year old set armorer who was handling the guns on the set of Alec Baldwin’s Grade B movie, Rust, let a child actress, age 11, handle a poorly checked gun on a Nic Cage movie, sources say.

The filming of that movie was halted after she gave the gun to the child.

Set Armorer

Careless Set Armorer

A source accused Gutierrez-Reed of loading a weapon on the pebble-filled ground and handing it to child actress, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, 11, without conducting a proper inspection.

“She was reloading the gun on the ground, where there were pebbles and stuff. We didn’t see her check it, we didn’t know if something got in the barrel or not,” a source who worked with her set of the upcoming Nicolas Cage film, The Old Way, said.

The individual noted that the crew waited to film until Gutierrez-Reed had double checked the barrel for obstruction.

Source said she was seen loading blanks in an “unsafe” fashion, according to The Daily Beast.

Then There’s the AD

Other sources add that blame also lies with Dave Halls, the assistant director who failed to check the gun when he told Baldwin it was safe to use.

Sources claim Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, had a history of reckless behavior around weapons and was “a bit careless with guns.”

A fellow Rust crew member referred to Gutierrez-Reed as being “inexperienced and green,” alleging that there had been at least two incidents of guns being discharged on set before Thursday’s fatal accident.

How is that not also Baldwin’s fault? He hired her and didn’t properly suprervise her.


Baldwin tweeted a Variety article on Friday that he “was told prop gun was safe before fatal shooting” as experts said he ignored basic gun safety rules.

Along with the tweet is a photo of him doubled over.  Was he acting?

He needs to accept some of the blame. Perhaps the set armorer and the assistant director screwed up, but it doesn’t exonerate him. He hired them, and she reportedly sent out plenty of warnings that she was not up to the task.

Baldwin is the Executive Producer and the buck stops with him. He had not one, not two, but three warnings about the unsafe conditions, and did NOTHING (perhaps no one told him?). Additionally, when he handles a gun, he shouldn’t take someone’s word for it that it’s empty. Always check to see if it’s empty there is a bullet left in the chamber. Baldwin should have taken an NRA gun safety course.

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