Basketball Player Wears Jersey with Offensive Anti-Police Term


Memphis Grizzlies basketball player Ja Morant put the “F—” word over the number “12” on the back of his jersey. What the big deal? Besides the “F” word being offensive, F12 is an anti-police term. The number “12” refers to narcotics police officers.

Morant later apologized for wearing the jersey and posting it on Twitter, but not before he was excoriated for it.

He said in part, “My post was intended to focus on bad cops who get away with the murder of unarmed Black men and women and those who continue to harass peaceful BLACK LIVES MATTER protesters.”

The irony is that Morant indicated he has police officers in his family. They must be so proud.

Morant was allowed to wear the “F” word on his jersey because of an agreement between the NBA and the National Basketball Players’ Association. The agreement allows players to replace their names on the backs of their jerseys with a “Social Justice” statement.

Nike makes all the NBA players jerseys. Nike even created a shoe just for Morant. It’s the Nike BB 2.0, a self-lacing basketball shoe.

The Nike logo is on all the NBA jerseys and Morant is just one of a number of basketball who have a Nike shoe made for them. Nike has a lot at stake.

One can only imagine what kinds of statements basketball players will display on the backs of their jerseys next season. You have been warned.

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  1. WGAS what this Grossly Overpaid Moron wears. He could play ball nekid for all I care – as he won’t be watched.

    On a sidenote…this fall will be a rude awakening to the ‘Professional’ athletes, and their Owners….as their revenue will hit the skids…..and as ratings fall….so will their TV revenue, which does most of the paying for these Morons..

    …poor Owners….when you allow your employees to ‘demonstrate at the workplace’…you risk offending and then losing customers. Watch what happens this fall – to ALL of them…

  2. Does your business or corporation advertise on NBA games? If I patronize your business or corporation now, I won’t in the future. Defund, disband the NBA.

  3. I definitely believe they brought the Covid to our country. Some of them were in China playing. Did anyone investigate how many of them got sick when they came home?? What an eye opener this would be to find out the truth.

  4. F**k this moron and the rest of the Red Chinese sycophant NBA toadies. They can move the whole shebang to Beijing.

  5. Man. I used to be a big fan of the NBA. That’s over now. I wonder with whom do the NBA and NASCAR think that they are going to replace their fans.

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