Tolerant Dem ‘protesters’ look down on cops, belittle Black cops


These mostly-white youth of privilege want us to become like them, yet they offer nothing. They put down the police as “illiterate rubes,” when many are college-educated and all are brave, ready to protect fools like them.

The left-wing youth obviously don’t think much of the working class. They are so racist that they call a Black cop a “Black Judas.”

Yet, they are the caring, tolerant, civil ones according to them.

They are also the Democrat militia.

Anyone who hates America, the working class, and Black cops, as they do, is my enemy.

As Ian Cheong wrote on Twitter, “The dancing they/them in the skirt who’s yelling at cops is your new normal because you tolerated too much and were taught to think that tolerance was to be a virtue in and of itself.”

Americans think they can’t judge a thing or criticize anyone who is on the protected list. Don’t be silent. Speak up. They are mistreating people. Don’t accept this. On the other hand, if you like what you see, vote for Joe Biden.


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