BBC article pushes diversity based on no facts whatsoever


A BBC article, completely devoid of any facts, promotes more minority hiring based on people “feeling” like there’s not enough diversity. The title of the article gives it away, There’s a sense black people are being paid less.’

They have a “sense” about it, therefore it is.

“There’s a strong sense that black people are being paid less,” reads the subtitle.

Simon Woolley, a former senior government adviser on race disparity until last year and now a life peer, wants it to be mandatory for companies to divulge the ethnicity and the salaries of employees.

The totalitarian approach is alive and well in America, the UK, and at the BBC.

The article quotes Sandra Kerr saying research shows black employees feel workplace barriers still exist. She “feels” it so it is.

KPMG, a UK Black Lives Matter supporter, quickly published an action plan containing five key areas for corporations to focus on.

The leader of the BLM UK is in a hospital in critical condition with a bullet in her head from a gang shooting. She was shot by black men.

The violent communist organization says they won’t just let them virtue signal.

Sandra Kerr, race director at Business in the Community, a charity that works with companies to make a social impact, tells the BBC: “One of the things I wrote last August was a black voices report – and we found real disparities in black employees feeling like they aren’t listened to and are unable to get their ideas to the bosses.”

Again they feel like there are real disparities.

One person has applied for positions unsuccessfully, only for the firm to go and recruit externally.

“Sometimes I feel like your face has got to fit or you’ve got to know somebody. It’s not about your skillset. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.”

Ms. Kerr says firms need to “involve black staff in recruitment processes and idea generation” to help them climb up the career ladder.

Like Lord Woolley she supports mandatory ethnicity pay reporting, adding that leadership is needed from the government.

So, if they can’t get a job, they feel they must have control of the situation. They want more control over hiring, salaries, and so on, so they can get the jobs because they “feel’ like they are being shortchanged over the way they look.

They too use the death of George Floyd as the impetus for more diversity. It’s how they feel.

It reminds us of Rachel Dolezal who “felt” like a black person, therefore, she was.








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