Be afraid! Pelosi to put DC Capitol Hill police in key areas of the nation


Nancy Pelosi is putting DC Capitol Hill police field offices in key regions around the country. Essentially, Nancy Pelosi is expanding the federal law enforcement of the legislative branch into specific areas. The goal is actually to investigate political opposition — to treat targets like dissidents.

She’s beginning to nationalize the police.

Pelosi will be able to quell any rebellion as Democrats and corporate America institute their totalitarian policies.

The LA Times reports, [using the January 6th riot/rally as an excuse], the U.S. Capitol Police on Tuesday announced that the agency was opening regional field offices in California and Florida to investigate threats to members of Congress in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Threats against members of Congress have increased in recent years. As of Tuesday, total threats so far in 2021 were double what they were at this point a year ago, according to Capitol Police.

They don’t present any evidence that threats against members of Congress have increased and they certainly didn’t care when it was against Republicans during the Obama and Trump eras.

CTH writes, A federal political agency will now coordinate with federal U.S. Attorney’s on specific targeting operations.  In essence, the Florida and California offices of Pelosi’s police will direct the DOJ on who and where to target.

Absolutely, there is no doubt. They will treat half the country who dares to complain as dissidents.

There is no legislative authority to do this and it is extremely dangerous. Pelosi has always admired communists and moved her district to the far-left for decades. Why do you think she puts Ilhan Omar on a foreign relations committee and AOC gets to write some of the upcoming climate change rules?

As this proceeds, corporate Big Tech, corporate U.S. media and DC politicians under the control of multinational corporations have been ordered to push the “domestic extremist” narrative.

If you tell the truth you are subversive.

The locations have not been announced.

Hopefully, the states will sue. The main thing we have going for those of us who don’t want to be ruled by totalitarians is the FBI can’t even find the culprits who rob your kid’s lemonade stand.

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