Professor calls for teaching critical race theory in US military academies


On Tuesday, associate professor of political science Lynne Chandler García published an op-ed at The Washington Post titled “Why U.S. military academies should teach critical race theory.” Agreeing with Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley, García claimed that critical race theory “is not unpatriotic” and does not “promote division among our military members.”

“As a professor of political science at the U.S. Air Force Academy, I teach critical race theories to our nation’s future military leaders because it is vital that cadets understand the history of the racism that has shaped both foreign and domestic policy,” García explained.


“It helps students identify the structural racism and inequality that has been endemic in American society. And it provides methods for deconstructing oppressive beliefs, policies, and practices to find solutions that will lead to justice,” García wrote. “The reality of the Constitution is that it upholds the rule of law and human rights, but once also allowed slavery and has been used to perpetuate legal discrimination.”

She knows full well that the Constitution in no way was ever a slavery document, not in its original form or at any time. Within 80 years, the US had the first Constitution that included anti-slavery amendments with the 13th and 14th amendments and the Reconstruction amendments. It is the opposite of what she claims.

The founders could not have defeated Britain if they lost the southern slave states and they felt a future administration would take care of slavery.


In addition, the professor also accused the military itself of harboring a racist history, noting that while thousands of Black soldiers fought in the Revolutionary War, George Washington initially opposed an integrated regime.

“In other words, racism was ingrained in the system from the beginning, and the military still struggles with these issues. As a recent inspector general’s report on disparities in the Air Force and Space Force pointed out, Black service members lag behind their White peers in promotion rates but are overrepresented in disciplinary actions. Further, a recent Defense Department report documented the threat of white supremacy within the ranks. Cadets need to understand these contradictions within their institutions,” García warned.

That is in the past.

At one point, she writes: “In my classes, cadets learn about the ideals embedded in this founding document. We explore the liberalist theories that promoted these ideals, and we embrace our democratic system of government. But we also acknowledge that the United States was founded on a duality: liberalism and equal rights on the one hand; inequality, inegalitarianism and second-class citizenship on the other.”

Sadly, this is what she teaches and the facts are that the theories and the ideals of our document are Judeo-Christian. The democratic system she refers to is a Constitutional Republic. She is lying to her students by telling partial truths.

We are engaged in a cultural revolution that mimics the Maoist revolution. People need to start fighting back.

One reporter is telling the truth about CRT — Christopher Rufo. He explains that this woke ideology is communism. You should be deeply concerned.

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