Before You Get Boostered Again, Check This Research, Especially About OAS


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The following study out of Iceland is a good study by a rich country. It says that if you are vaccinated and, especially, boostered, you are more likely to catch COVID. The study has limitations, but it points to a potentially serious problem with the mRNA vaccines.

These vaccines don’t work as promised. They don’t protect anyone or keep anyone from getting COVID. They might even be dangerous for young people, especially boys.

Biden and The WHO are trying to vaccinate the world, and the shots don’t work. People might even get OAS from the vaccines.

The boosters only work for 2-6 weeks. Unless you want to constantly get boostered and possibly get OAS (continue reading), you might want to give up on the vaccines.

The drug pushers will tell you the vaccines keep you from hospitalization and more serious illness. Who knows? It could be true.

Countries that went big on vaccination with mRNA have a higher death rate. That needs to be researched also. There is also evidence Long Covid does NOT exist.

Here’s another problem. The vaccines are still mandated in businesses, and they could cause OAS.

Real Clear Markets Report:

News reports indicate that demand for both initial Covid vaccination as well as booster shots continue to fall precipitously. Yet compelled vaccination continues to be mandated by many employers, including the United States military, which has discharged thousands of service members unwilling to get the vaccine. Still, other employers, notably medical facilities, have imposed booster mandates on their employees. Many colleges and universities imposed similar mandates on their students at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Notably, these shots continue to use the original, long-extinct wild-type variant contained in the first generation of vaccines. This repeated administration of vaccines raises risk of effects known as original antigenic sin (OAS) and antigenic seniority that, aside from a few exceptions, public health officials have not addressed.

OAS Defined

Antigenic seniority refers to … the evolution of “dominant antibody responses as a consequence of repeat exposures to the same antigen(s) rather than to the first antigenic exposure or imprinting that is the core tenet of OAS.” Antigenic seniority, therefore, effectively specializes the immune system to address a recurrent threat in one’s environment, creating an even more refined ability to fight the threat. These two phenomena are not exclusive—one can have initial imprinting via OAS and then have that reinforced by repeat exposure creating antigenic seniority.

Repeat exposure through boosters increases the risk of OAS.

The Problem with OAS

OAS raises the concern that as a virus evolves—a phenomenon referred to as “antigenic drift”—over time, the immune system will respond in a suboptimal fashion to neutralize the new variant. As noted by Vatti, et al. in a review before COVID-19, OAS “implies that when the epitope varies slightly, then the immune system relies on the memory of the earlier infection, rather than mount another primary or secondary response to the new epitope which would allow faster and stronger responses.” This could result in the immunological response being “inadequate against the new strain because the immune system does not adapt and instead relies on its memory to mount a response.”

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1 year ago

Problems with the “Shots” have been well documented for over a years and healthcare providers and PSAs are still pushing this Poison!

Problems with the”Shot” are going way beyond OAS. We are seeing a resurgence of AIDS. The “Shot” appear to be destroying the immune system in some people.

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek