Meta and Pfizer Move Onward with CCP’s Hong Kong


Onward Hong Kong to no freedom

Meta – Facebook – and Pfizer are sponsoring an upcoming event series celebrating China’s subjugation of Hong Kong. Other sponsors are Uber, Citi and Alliance, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Onward to Maoist communism.

What kind of people run these corporations? They are dealing with people who literally enslave people.

Samuel Bicket, a lawyer, and Hong Kong activist, posted the information.

Former and current top Chinese communist government officials and advisors are speakers, along with supportive CCP corporate executives.

The purpose is to transition Hong Kong and keep the money flowing. Our corporations are furthering the cause of a country that is so obviously taking over the world, and that will shortly overtake the US as the world’s greatest economy.

These are the people responsible for COVID and the draconian mandates.

The website uses all the buzzwords – climate change, inclusivity, diversity, etc. The CCP has completely broken the justice system, yet these US corporations are furthering the damage. What a disgrace. These corporation heads aren’t stupid. We can safely assume they are okay with Maoist expansion throughout the world. Read more at Jordan Schachtel’s substack.

“Onward” is always used in connection with communist revolutions, not transitions, and no one thinks it is a transition.

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