Befuddled Biden says former Gov Cuomo did a “helluva job”


Joe Biden said today that Governor Cuomo has done a helluva job during his 10 years as governor.

Okay then.

Lost-in-translation Joe differentiated between ‘personal behavior’ and Cuomo’s job as governor.

His personal behavior refers to the allegations of sexual harassment. The helluva job isn’t accurate either. Cuomo’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly and he covered it up. Then there are the no bail laws which puts criminals back on the street.

Biden’s a clown, Cuomo’s a clown, and the Democrat Party is conducting a clown show.

Biden then claimed he was only talking about infrastructure, which is not true, but even if it was, is he kidding? The MTA is out of control, the subways are a disaster, bridges and tunnels need work…what has he done right?


He gets testy here. The king shall not be questioned, even when he makes no sense:

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2 years ago

He must have meant a hell job,.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

The problem is that China Joe has trouble being honest and he doesn’t want to hurt another democrats feelings. I find this administration despicable and Biden is creating as much death as Don Cuomo did by allowing this open border crisis to continue and letting the crime and disease to infest our population.

Clown Car Smash Up Derby
Clown Car Smash Up Derby
2 years ago

Clowns with machine guns and the football of doom.
This circus won’t end well.

O/T-Found a HD version, it is Dr Kobi Haviv the top respiratory doctor in Israel at the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem.
Pray for this man.