Dr. Oz obliterates the liberals’ latest lie


The President has been under fire for giving hope to the American people by telling them about a drug that might help cure coronavirus or at least ease the symptoms and keep people alive.

Dr. Fauci appeared to disagree with him during the presser about the drug chloroquine but clarified at a later interview with Bill Hemmer that he didn’t disagree with the President. The media acts as if the second interview never took place. Bloomberg has accused the President of misleading people and contributing to the death of two people in Nigeria who were overdosed with the drug.

Dr. Oz was asked about it on Lou Dobbs’ evening show Friday and expressed great optimism about what he’s hearing. He was cautious but positive. That isn’t what you will hear in the lamestream media.

“There was actually pretty big news today. There was a paper that came out yesterday that was being discussed but didn’t get the attention that I thought it would that a paper from France that the use of an old drug, the malaria drug together with the Z-Pac seemed to dramatically impact on this virus,” Dr. Oz said.

“And that could be the biggest game-changer of all that can alter if we can ever become Italy… But I’ll give you the biggest fact of all. In this study, they shortened the amount of time the patients excreted the virus down to six days. The norm is approaching 20 days. That completely changes the behavior of the virus. Which means it may be actually more like a flu virus in its impact on us. It’s still dangerous but now as contagious,” he continued.

“If a drug that has already been on the market for 65 years could be effective in treating a new virus, yes there are potential side effects, there are eye problems that potentially arise, we know that we use these drugs commonly. But I think it’s worth the chance. And we should be doing the study starting today! And we’ll know in six days. In the meantime, the task force is going to liberalize the use of these medications,” he concluded.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Agree about Dr. Fauci being a globalist.

3 years ago

Of course Fauci disagreed, he’s a globalist shill!