Belgium Quarantines People with Monkeypox After Gran Festival


Belgium mandated a 21-day quarantine for the people testing positive for Monkeypox. They are the first nation to do so. They are doing it since a number of infected people attended the Belgium Gran Canarian festival – a suspected super spreader event.

Belgium is the first nation to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine. Anyone testing positive must isolate for 21 days as 14 countries now confirm outbreaks.


Doctors warn of a “significant rise” in UK cases. There are 20 cases in the UK.

Coincidentally, the Monkeypox pandemic exercises last year came to the conclusion that one global entity should pre-empt any pandemic.

Among a number of recommendations, they suggested a proactive “no regrets” anticipatory response.  They suggested trigger actions.

Creative Commons Public Domain 2018 Pride festival – Romaine

“Triggered actions should include a range of NPIs, including proactive social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines; large-scale testing and contact tracing; large-scale production of PPE and medical equipment; expansion of the pool of deployable medical personnel and space to treat patients; and comprehensive risk communication.”


Belgium hosted a massive gay pride and fetish festival attended by an estimated 80,000 people in Antwerp recently. There are reports that it was also a random sex event. Dr. Malone said the people spreading it right now are men having sex with men. It’s not just Dr. Malone. Other reports suggest the same thing. Naturally, some reports claim Russia was going to use Monkeypox as a bioweapon.

The Leftist media always claims Russia, Putin, Trump, or the American people are responsible for all our ills.

The festival – the Gran Canaria pride festival — has been labeled a monkeypox ‘superspreader’ event. It seems attendees from multiple nations appear to have spread the virus worldwide, according to The Daily Mail.

“Held between May 5 and May 15, Maspalomas Pride attracts visitors from across the continent,” the Daily Mail report stated.

Perhaps they should stop these massive festivals?

At least they are quarantining the right people, and not the healthy, uninfected people. However, they better not start their extreme trigger actions again.

About 30 caught it in Madrid alone. Spain never gets Monkeypox.

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