Newsweek: Smallpox Vax Needed to Stop Monkeypox? The Canary Is Singing


We don’t want to sound conspiratorial, but we do want to serve as the canary in the coalmine. Newsweek reports that ‘experts’ say not vaccinating for smallpox – a disease now eradicated globally – might be causing its relative Monkeypox to spread.

As millions pour into our country, half a million in the last two weeks alone, many are coming from regions of the world where Monkeypox is prevalent. We are also going to war with dangerous enemies who could use bioweaponry, including smallpox.

Canary in the coal mine

There is also the fact that this administration never lets a crisis go to waste, and they don’t want us to go back to normal. They have insisted we must move to a new normal.

The administration is a globalist, dishonest and dictatorial one and it’s not conspiratorial to put it all together.

This is especially true as The WHO plans to take over as the world’s medical tyrant thanks to Joe Biden and his recommendations for new health amendments.


Last June, the Biden Regime’s FDA approved a drug to treat smallpox. They went into a new contract, partially in consideration of the potential of biological warfare.


The EU ordered vaccines last year, and the US just ordered $119 million worth of the vaccine.

They Want You to Get Vaccinated for Smallpox

Newsweek claims experts say not vaccinating for smallpox is leading to the rise in Monkeypox. The smallpox vaccine protects against Monkeypox. There are only 80 cases of Monkeypox worldwide. The only people spreading it are men having sex with men according to Dr. Robert Malone.

On November 16th of last year, CNN reported that vials labeled ‘smallpox’ were found in a research lab near Philadelphia that they would have had no right to possess. We have heard nothing more about it.

The canary is singing.

Monkeypox, smallpox, what’s going on?

‘Experts’ Quoted by Newsweek Claim We Need the Smallpox Vaccine

The WHO has a stockpile on order for the world. They’re all ready to go. At the same time, they want the world to be frightened enough to agree to a New World Order in which one medical tyrant – the secretary-general of The WHO – controls all ‘guidance’ of pandemics. He decides if something will become a pandemic, what to do about it and when to do it — rules for the world.

“Smallpox immunity, either from vaccines or infection, does confer cross-protection against monkeypox,” Shabir Madhi, professor of vaccinology at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, told Newsweek. “There might be a contributing role of increased susceptibility to monkeypox after having stopped smallpox vaccination.”

Mark Jit, a professor of vaccine epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told Newsweek: “I agree that the resurgences of monkeypox have been driven by cessation of smallpox vaccination.”

However, Jit is not recommending everyone get vaccinated for Monkeypox based on the small number of cases.

Britain is offering it. No mandates yet.


Is it conspiratorial to say the globalists are looking for the next crisis or non-crisis to grab power? Do globalists want to control the world? Are they willingly turning power over to a Chinese communist-Bill Gates-controlled entity?

The Monkeypox-smallpox vaccine could bring in a lot of money for drug companies. Just sayin’.

The canary is trying to tell us something.

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1 year ago

I had my Smallpox vax about 1965.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

We are being ‘literally’ and figuratively screwed…