Ben Shapiro Isn’t Just Voting for DJT, He’s Fundraising for Him


Ben Shapiro is voting for Donald Trump and will hold a fundraiser for him. This comes after he had spoken negatively about him and enthusiastically supported Ron DeSantis, but Ron DeSantis isn’t running.

Aside from the fact that Joe Biden is the worst president in our lifetimes, Shapiro ran off a long, long list of problems under Joe Biden in the clip below. He sees Donald Trump as “deeply flawed,” but he said DJT stands between Joe Biden and catastrophe. We know what both administrations mean, and this cannot happen, he said.

Shapiro ran through a very long list of positives in the Donald Trump column.

“Donald Trump must be the next President of the United States,” he concluded.

Republicans like Shapiro are coming home to save America. Let’s hope they all come home. We need everyone on board because the Left will cheat.

As a Jewish man, Shapiro said Democrats are trying to trick Jewish people into thinking Democrats are not anti-Israel and pro-Hamas; they are just upset with Netanyahu. That’s absurd. If Benny Gantz were Prime Minister, he’d do what Bibi is doing. There is no dissent in Israel about fighting Hamas for their existence, said Shapiro.

Even Bibi’s opponent, Gantz, came out after Schumer and said Israel would choose their representatives.

Netanyahu represents 80 votes in the Knesset out of 120. He is their choice at this time. Shapiro said he has never seen anything like this from an American government.

Shapiro went after Schumer. Having personally run into him at various political meetings, I can honestly say he’s a terrible individual.

All this is about is Michigan and Minnesota for Biden, Shapiro noted. Gantz is traveling around the country and telling people the attack on Rafah is imminent.

Personally, I don’t see Trump as deeply flawed. He has issues and makes mistakes, but his strengths outweigh them. Sometimes, I cringe when he goes after people, but then I remember the economy, peace, and borders under Trump, and I think of his courage and toughness. He’s the toughest person I’ve ever seen. He’s the right man for the crises we face at this moment.

Biden and Harris are total disasters.

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