Benedict Mitch Will Likely Conspire with Democrats on the Debt Ceiling


So far, Mitch McConnell has betrayed conservatives time and again. For that reason, we believe he will do it again during the debt ceiling “crisis.” Hopefully, this is a bad prediction.

The debt crisis is another opportunity for Mitch to continue his Uniparty ways and pretend it’s bipartisanship. Not many think McConnell will negotiate with Democrats as we hit the debt ceiling. Instead, he and Chuck Schumer will probably plot to cut out the House as they did with the $1.7 trillion spending bill.

McConnell went to a lot of trouble and expense to keep conservatives from winning in 2022.

The Republicans have enough turncoats to win with the Democrats.

The financial situation is becoming dire for the United States, and if they can’t act now, they never will. If they want to keep funding the far-left agenda, given all the problems we face, they will never stop.

The so-called crisis of shutting down the government is manufactured. We don’t go into default. We should at least try for some concessions.

No one is talking about slowing the speed of government spending. It became astronomical during and after the pandemic. No one will cut it back. The House will try, but they have too many unfriendlies in the Senate. Also, there are about 20 liberal Republicans in the House who could be swayed. McConnell has up to 20 Republicans who will follow his lead.

When McConnell isn’t throwing lifelines to Democrats, he is openly conspiring with them.

Transcript via RealClearPolitics

ROBERT COSTA, CBS NEWS: What I’m told from people inside the West Wing is that President Biden himself has a relationship with Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader, and with Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic Leader.

They are going to, in some ways, try to cut out Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans. There’s not an appetite among Democrats to put spending cuts on the table at all. They would like to see a clean debt limit extension.

Jim Clyburn, one of the top Democrats in the House, told me recently that he could see a scenario where centrist House Republicans band together with House Democrats for a clean debt limit extension.

ED O’KEEFE, CBS NEWS: And that outreach is underway. There’s going to be a meeting this week.

MARGARET BRENNAN, CBS NEWS: When you say “cut out” the Speaker of the House, do you mean it is 212 Democrats plus however many, 15 or more, Republicans they can pull over, rather than Republicans moving to lift the debt ceiling?

ROBERT COSTA: What I’m hearing is many more moderate centrist House Republicans, those who are traditional House Republicans, are looking at this and they don’t want to get in front of McCarthy. They know he has to meet with Biden in the coming weeks and tell the president he wants this and that, in terms of a deal, but if a deal falls apart, they are starting to have backchannel conversations on if a coalition of 10-15 House Republicans could get together with 200+ House Democrats to get a clean extension through the House.

ED O’KEEFE: Not the prettiest way to do it, but certainly worth considering, and something they have to talk about.

Go to about 2:50:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
12 days ago

The time to save the US and GOP is long past. Mitch’s alliance with the left is beyond doubt. The only proper path in handling Mitch is outright opposition within the party. He has no special power as a minority leader.

I hear only talk from the house, no action, 3 weeks into this. Watch as McCarthy fails in his first big test.

13 days ago

If Republicans fold on the Debt Ceiling, prepare for Civil War because the crash of the Economy is coming if we don’t curtail deficit spending, and 9 times out of 10 a crashed economy results in Civil War. I live in a Red State surrounded by Red States for a Reason! The scary part is I’m the Moderate!

13 days ago

If I was a betting man; I’d bet Benedict Mitch screws the American people several times before 2026!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
13 days ago

In other words, BUSINESS AS USUAL?

Is the Republican Party as good as dead as it slips more and more into the quicksand of the swamp?