Berenson pleads: Don’t let Rachel Maddow or anyone rewrite history


Alex Berenson reported on substack that he was banned on Twitter, not because he was spreading misinformation, but because he was telling the truth. He made mention of vaccine truther Rachel Maddow who repeats any government lie with great fervor.

Here she is only six months ago:

It means that instead of a vaccine being able — excuse me, it means instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person to person, spreading and spreading, sickening some of them but not all of them, and the ones it doesn`t sicken don`t know they have it and they give it to the mere poem because they didn`t recognize, right? Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person, potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug-resistant along the way, now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.

A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus. The virus does not infect them. The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else. It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to get more people.

That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this. If we just go fast enough to get the whole population vaccinated. It`s huge news.

Berenson was right all along.


We now know she’s wrong on all counts. There is proof people who are vaccinated spread COV and as many or more vaccinated catch COV.

Maddow and her comrades are the same people who railed against taking the Trump vaccine. Then Democrats realized they could further their agenda with it. The government won’t even consider allowing people with natural immunity out of the mandate as if that makes sense. Illegal aliens and refugees can travel the country without vaccination and with COV. Religious and medical exemptions are ignored.

The State wants total control.

Maddow is now worried chickens won’t have enough ivermectin. People love it when she lies to them as long as it’s what they want to hear.

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