Bernie doesn’t “think billionaires should exist” & he has a solution


A desperate Bernie Sanders can’t seem to catch up to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren who is leading the Democrats to a socialist nirvana in Iowa.

The hard-left millionaire who owns three homes thinks the solution to his low poll numbers is to eliminate billionaires.

His new tax plan will begin the process of eliminating them.

In an interview published Tuesday with The New York Times, Sanders fleshed out his proposed “Tax on Extreme Wealth.”

“I don’t think that billionaires should exist,” Sanders said during the interview.

“This proposal does not eliminate billionaires, but it eliminates a lot of the wealth that billionaires have, and I think that’s exactly what we should be doing.”

A top candidate leading the Democratic Party in 2020 says stealing the wealth of the richest Americans is what this capitalist country needs.

The “extreme wealth” tax plan Sanders will out-left Warren in taxing the rich by doubling the number of wealthy households that would be subject to extra taxation.

Warren’s “wealth tax” would hit the approximately 70,000 American households with net worth of more than $50 million, according to The Times.

Sanders’ “extreme wealth” tax plan would start with the 180,000 households that have a net worth of more than $32 million, The Times reported.

That’s how it will go if either of these people win. They will have to enlarge the base of rich to the less rich from whom they must steal as the rich hide their money or take their money and leave the country. Bernie has already admitted there will be high taxes on everyone, including the middle class. Warren won’t answer the question of whether she will tax the middle class but she will have no choice with all those freebies she will give out.

Not allowing billionaires to exist is not American. We are capitalists, not communists/socialists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie wants to solve income inequality by stealing and dissolving wealth, making us all impoverished dependents of the Federal government.

This is where Democrats want to push America. Socialism is the politics of envy and destruction.



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