Bernie endorses Biden who is adopting much of the socialist agenda


Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden today. It’s proof that Biden adopted most of Bernie’s platform. Biden has no inner core or set moral principles and will say and do whatever it takes to win the presidency.

Joe Biden had Bernie Sanders as a guest during his daily talk today, which you can listen to here. Bernie Sanders did most of the talking, but the two of them think the President has done an awful job during the pandemic. Meanwhile, we are doing better than any nation and if it wasn’t for New York, we’d be amazing.

Biden made it clear he’s one with communistic Bernie:

Biden said they agree on many issues and are close on others.

He forgets everything and can’t finish even one sentence:

So unnatural:

In this one, Bernie is trying to figure out what Joe is talking about:

James Woods wants to know what Bernie got this time. Hillary paid him off last time.


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