Bernie Promises to DECONSTRUCT The Department of Homeland Security


Communist Bernie Sanders doesn’t simply want to abolish the Department of Homeland Security since he’s afraid it will come back under a different name. He wants to deconstruct it so it never exists again. No more homeland security for Bernie.

The Department of Homeland Security protects Americans from terrorist threats and keeps our borders safe, or tries to as Democrats work to keep it unsafe.

Bernie has a $16 trillion climate change plan, and that’s just for openers. He will offer all college for free and erase all college debt. His Medicare For All will cost $33 trillion to start. And he recently offered Housing For All.

He will abolish cash bail, private prisons (used primarily by ICE), end capital punishment; raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and put a lot of businesses out of business; offer free family and medical leave; study reparations for all disenchanted people except whites; pay off teachers unions with billions for salaries; eliminate the electoral college; give imprisoned felons — like the Boston bomber — the right to vote; shut down all nuclear plants; ban fracking; impose massive regulations on carbon emissions.

The aged red diaper baby will add price controls for drugs, just like Hugo Chavez did.

He won’t leave agriculture untouched and will pay off farmers to go climate-friendly; and provide universal free meals in schools.

Bernie will buy back the guns he never owned and impose universal background checks which is really a national registry.

The hard-left senator, who has achieved nothing in over forty years, will demand unlimited abortion.

Also: No walls, amnesty for all DACA, DAPA to follow, and rescind the law that makes it illegal to come into the country illegally.

Spend on infrastructure but you can be sure it will be another wasteful payoff to his union masters.

Bring all troops home and slash, slash, slash the military budget.

Tax the wealthy and the middle class, add a wealth tax just like Hugo did, kill off capital gains taxes, eliminate tax breaks for offshoring, tax all financial trades.

This is a communist agenda and it is extremely dangerous and unaffordable. It’s almost identical to Elizabeth Warren’s except hers is worse. It’s meant to overturn capitalism.

Meanwhile, the abolish ICE crazies went into the neighborhood of the Aurora ICE warden this week and terrorized the children outside his home.

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