Bernie Sanders Isn’t Really Out of the Race


[Communist] Bernie Sanders isn’t really dropping out of the race. He is keeping his delegates to push Joe Biden further to the left, as he admits. He’s remaining on all the ballots as well.

A few days ago, Barack Obama spoke with Bernie and that is what led to this quasi-departure from the race.

Bernie can’t campaign and is in a bind, but he can come back if it looks like he has a shot.

Democrats plan to keep feeble Joe Biden from debating and Barack Obama will do all the campaigning for Joe. They think they can win with this senile man who will undoubtedly move as far left as these Marxists want him to go.

He most definitely is a liar, a fraud, and a communist. Democrat socialists are communists with a slight difference — you can vote for your leaders for a while.

Dennis Miller discusses Joe Biden:

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