Dr. Anthony Fauci “loves” Hillary Clinton “more than ever”


Dr. Anthony Fauci is an enormous fan of Hillary Clinton’s and his wife donated $1200 to Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

Dr. Fauci wrote some adoring letters to her, which some people call his love letters. They’re a bit odd considering it’s from one government employee to another (better copies at the end).

Dr. Fauci is talking about the Benghazi hearing in that email. Hillary had softball questions thrown at her for several hours. She lied more than once about the motives for and perpetrators of the attack on the consulate in Benghazi which cost four men their lives.

As for stamina, she had to be thrown into the back of vans more than once as she had seizures or something like that.

Hillary has wanted communist healthcare since before she was First Lady.

Tony aka Dr. Fauci is a Hillary groupie. Apparently, everyone at the CDC loves Hillary – according to ‘Tony.’


These letters have floated around for days and I hesitated to share them until I had a better handle on ‘Tony.’ I now believe Tony needs to be demoted a rung or two on the task force.



  1. He pretty much showed his true colors with that remark, “no new cases, no deaths”. He’s either a Stupid Jackass, or has an ax to grind. Remember what he said BEFORE that. It was when we got on the downward slope. That all changed when that “downward” slope started coming quicker than imagined. Being the ardent fan of Hillary probably had him Steamed to the hilt when she was called “Crooked”, even Past the election. FIRE the SOB.

    • Fauci’s statement indicates an entirely unreasonable reason to keep the economy closed. It is economic sabotage.

  2. If one compare’s all Trump’s remarks about opening up the country, it seems he is constantly fighting against the bureaucrats. I would also believe there are subtle threats being floated about.

    • Yes, Trump is under threat to be massively blamed for deaths if he opens the economy. The US economy is a hostage. Fauci is a key player in this. His role is similar to that of Sessions or Barr, to serve as a major obstacle to the Trump presidency.

  3. Fauci’s an elitist, (and I don’t care if he’s a doctor) he has little to no empathy for the lives of ordinary Americans. His comment about a national lockdown as ‘Inconvenient’ (HELL of a lot more than that Doc). Following that his comment on another news show, to a question about a national lockdown, he said he couldn’t ‘Understand’ why it wasn’t being done.

    If he has an agenda, an ‘ax to grind’ as Greg said; Who would suspect the soft spoken doctor?

    A while back some were calling for his phone records to be subpoenaed.

    He’s been a problem for Trump for to long.

  4. Interesting times.


    Hell, why not just call in the entire National Guard and have them deliver a bag of groceries to each household. Dystopian films had their origin in some calamity or disaster but we can do it by edict and eliminate the destruction of infrastructure. People should be overjoyed, considering box office receipts for this type of outcome portrayed in films.

  5. Fawning Fauci’s insistence on keeping the economy shutdown may have a greater downside than imagined. Rush made a point no one has talked about. State’s revenue from taxation. If so many aren’t working then revenues will drop dramatically. The Federal Government is able to borrow and print enormous sums of money to keep things afloat. The States are in no position to do the same. The result could be States cutting back, maybe drastically, essential services. Education is a huge budget item for many states, so will they have to raise property taxes by large margins, resulting in people losing their homes. There seems countless consequences for this shutdown that are beginning to look exponential. And what in hell are the press asking in the briefings. How many ventilators were shipped today.

    On another note.I’m simply amazed how many MAGA people were SO distrustful of the Government and now Implicitly TRUST these bureaucrats and believe everything they say.

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