Bernie Says ‘Free’ Healthcare Will Cover All Humans Including Illegals


This clip by the rich communist Bernie doesn’t really need an explanation, but I included a few obvious facts.

The aging red diaper baby has a great plan to give Medicare For All, which covers all health care, dental, vision, long term care, all without co-pays. He will cover everyone, including every single illegal alien who happens to pop into the country [that will make the trip worthwhile]. The rich will pay for all of this, including free college and a whole host of other freebies. And the best part is you will “save substantial sums of money.”

Bernie did admit everyone’s taxes will go up and there is no way any of this is realistic.

He will bankrupt the nation. We can’t even afford the Medicare we have now. Only 53% of working Americans pay federal taxes and they will have to fork over three-quarters of their salary to continue the quality services we now have. There will be lots of rationing.

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