Bernie says your taxes will go up but you get to pay for everyone’s healthcare


In the decades Bernie has been in office, he has not sponsored one substantial bill.

Economic illiterate Bernie Sanders is running for the presidency on raising your taxes and taking away everyone’s health insurance. This lunatic thinks he can give free healthcare, pharmaceutical drugs, dental, and vision to everyone who resides in the USA for less money than we pay now.

If you want to keep your health insurance and your doctor, you can’t.

“Will you be paying more in taxes,” the interviewer asked. “Yes, you will,” Bernie responded, but you do get to pay for everyone to have health insurance. The financial dummkopf has no financial tally sheet of costs for this monstrous plan.

Oh, and he’s going to pay for all the foreigners who come here illegally. That should make it worthwhile for all foreigners to come illegally from far and wide. No one in their right mind can think this makes sense. Someone explain to me why we have to pay for healthcare for the world. Someone, anyone?

It literally does cover everyone living here and says nothing about LEGAL residency. It says: “Every individual who is a resident of the United States is entitled to benefits for health care services under this Act.”

You can be a deadbeat, grifter, fraud, and you can come here from anywhere in the world.

This is pie-in-the-sky. You can’t have a blanket free healthcare for all, especially not while the borders are wide open. It’s the quickest way to destroy the country.

Bernie has succeeded in nothing in all the years he has been in Congress and you’re going to trust this Communista with your healthcare? He’s going to destroy the private healthcare system and replace it with a system that is unaffordable and can’t possibly work. He has no clue how much it will cost or how it will work.

Free Medicare For All is simply unaffordable and unworkable.

Market Watch reports:

Estimates vary greatly but enrolling everyone in the Sanders plan and eliminating all those premiums, deductibles and co-pays would likely cost about $3 trillion a year. That’s about 15% of GDP — that would require a substantial payroll- or income-tax increase because no tax on the wealthy could possibly raise that much money. And just printing money as advocates of the Modern Monetary Theory advise would drive health-care inflation through the roof.

When you read his ridiculous bill, the most deceptive line is where it claims there is “freedom of choice.” There is no freedom and no choice. You will do as the government commands.

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