Decision rendered on Jussie Smollet’s show ‘Empire’


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The decision is in on Jussie Smollett’s role in the Fox hit show, ‘Empire.’ Earlier this year, the actor staged a fake MAGA attack and escaped justice, seemingly because of his connections, bringing with it a lot of bad publicity. The case against him could be reinstated pending an ongoing investigation of the state’s attorney Kim Foxx.

He not only lost his job, everyone did. The hit show is canceled.

According to Fox News:

Fox announced that its hit drama “Empire” will end after Season 6 and that there are still no plans to bring back Jussie Smollett’s character.

The series recently aired the Season 5 finale after writing the embattled star out of the final episodes. Smollett was accused of faking a hate crime attack against himself in Chicago. He maintained his innocence and the 16 charges against him were ultimately dropped.

Speaking to reporters during a press call Monday, Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier revealed that Season 6 will be the show’s last.

They put lipstick on the pig.

“We’re turning the final season of Empire into a large television event. If you look at what we’re doing with Empire… we really are trying to go out guns a-blazing,” Collier said (via Entertainment Tonight). “One of the great benefits of announcing a final season is to allow the fans to lean in and to have the ending they deserve, and that’s everything we’re trying to do with this iconic series. Six years is a pretty remarkable run for a drama series and we feel good about it.”

It was a hit show until Smollett did what he did. He also lost a Broadway role that seemed to be a sure thing.

He was very arrogant when he got away with the crime he was guilty of and continued to pretend his two former friends planned and executed it without his involvement. He had terrible legal advice.



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