Bernie to mobilize bros across the nation to push Biden left — the day after the election


During his speech in Pennsylvania today, Joe Biden made a point of saying the riots are President Trump’s fault. He was basically blackmailing us — if we want them to stop, we’d better vote for him. The problem is the riots will not stop, as Kamila Harris warned.

The riots are meant to bully the government into moving further and further left.

Senator Sanders will make sure they continue. Sanders said, “The day after Joe is elected president — we’re going to be mobilizing people all across this country to make sure that he becomes the most progressive president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.”

Many think Roosevelt was a socialist, but he doesn’t have anything on Bernie and his Bros.


Biden trashed the medical system and the President as if the Democrats would have done a better job. They were insisting on no travel bans for months, and telling people to go about their lives like nothing was going on.Andrew Cuomo and other blue state governors killed a lot of elderly people by putting them nursing homes and seeding the population. Biden blames the economy on the President but forgets that Democrats are demanding the endless lockdown

In the end, he wants Biden to become FDR, who prolonged the depression with his policies.

Watch Burton Folsom speaking with Mark Levin in February:

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