Biden’s BIG speech in PA: It’s Trump’s fault


The polls show that the riots in blue cities are not helping Joe Biden. That was undoubtedly the impetus for Joe to emerge from his basement to blame Trump for liberal groups rioting in liberal cities under liberal leadership, funded by liberals, as they scream for liberal causes.

Biden said nothing about the riots for 90 days. The Democratic convention, which turned out to be a ridiculous zoom call, said nothing about them and they said nothing about law and order. They don’t like the police. That’s obvious.

The mayors and governors of some of these blue cities and states where the riots occur won’t accept any help from the federal government. Chicago, New York, and Portland are among the worst.

They thought this would help Biden, but it’s not. As hard as the Democrats have worked, in coordination with their media, to cover up the violence, independent reporters have courageously videotaped the carnage.

The nearly 78-year-old Joe Biden left his basement on Monday and traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a campaign speech to speak before a tiny crowd.

It was his much-lauded BIG speech. Biden used it to blame President Trump for the left-wing violence and rioting happening in Democrat-run states and cities.

Hopefully, no one is dumb enough to fall for that.



He plans to give equal standing to the modern-day Black Panthers, the Marxist BLM with the police.

Biden keeps lying, claiming that Trump is going to cut social security. It is Joe Biden who has advocated cutting it, although now he wants to give it to people here illegally.

About 150 people showed up for his BIG speech, and he didn’t take questions. Then he went back to his basement in Delaware.

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