Bernie wants big government bureaucrats to control media & journalists


Democratic communist candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) laid out his plan for media companies and journalists in an op-ed for the Columbia Journalism Review on Monday. He wants big government to control them. We thought the Democrat Party already did that.

The Big Tech critic seems to think the Washington Post doesn’t like him because he criticizes Amazon whose CEO owns both. That’s a distinct possibility or it could be they’re afraid of communism. In any case, jeff Bezos’ control of both is a concern.

Sanders is concerned that some companies have too much power over the media, mostly through ads, harming smaller, independent outlets.

He has a point! Except he thinks Donald Trump is a “crisis.” That’s opinion, not fact. The Red Diaper Baby then pours out his anti-Capitalist heart on the pages of the Columbia Journalism Review.

He rants about greed, and he has a point, but this is a multimillionaire with three homes, living well off capitalism while trashing it. While Sanders doesn’t like corporations, they are in bed with his beloved big government.


Sanders solution sounds worse to a lot of us. He wants an appointed (not elected) attorney general and unelected bureaucrats with the FTC to make certain Big Tech doesn’t take advantage of its power to influence the reporting.

Also, he wants to tax ads to fund “nonprofit civic-minded media” and wants to put a damper on mergers. Who gets to decide who is acceptable “nonprofit civic-minded media?” Why, the unelected bureaucrats, that’s who!

Sanders plans to control everything the media does, that’s the core of it. Naturally, he wants his big unions in every newsroom. Sadly, he thinks he’s protecting the free press.

Sanders, a frequent prevaricator, then trashed Trump as authoritarian after coming up with his authoritarian plan to control the media.

“We also know that Donald Trump is making things far worse. He is a pathological liar who has spent his presidency trying to demonize journalists when they dare to debunk his lies. Worse, he has called the media the “enemy of the people” in a deliberate attempt to destroy the very idea of a free press. Trump’s authoritarian bullying of the media is totally unacceptable and it must be denounced and rejected,” he wrote.

Bernie didn’t mind at all when Barack Obama bullied the media is serious ways, such as spying on the AP and imprisoning a journalist.


Meanwhile, the FEC, a big government agency, wants to know why Bernie has 69 sketchy pages of sketchy donations.

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