Best Buds Xi & Putin Back Each Other on Ukraine & Taiwan


Russian President Putin met with China’s Xi and signed a 4,000 page agreement on nuclear, space, and economic issues. This will weaken any sanctions the US tries to levy.

Democrats pushed Russia further into the arms of our most formidable enemy — Maoist China. It was better when they didn’t trust each other enough to unite for strong political statements.

Their message is China supports Russia’s views on Ukraine and Russia supports China on Taiwan.

We don’t need another country in NATO, including Ukraine, and we don’t need an open door policy. NATO is the US. Most of the countries don’t even pay their fair share or even back US actions. Germany is the prime example.

Are we really going to fight for every country when we don’t even fight for our own as foreigners pour in illegally?

If Russia and China do decide to invade Ukraine and Taiwan respectively, it will be after the elections. The main reason will be because Biden and his team of Putin-Xi-enablers are weak.


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