NY Plants-Only Mayor Will Force All-Veggie Friday on School Kids


New York City’s first plant-only mayor has a new school initiative on his plate: “Vegan Fridays,” The Patch reports. As crime victims drop all around him, the hard left mayor is really worried about children eating meat.

Public school lunches will forgo meat, dairy and eggs on Fridays starting this week, education officials announced.

We predict they’ll end up in the garbage.

“Vegan Fridays” is part of a public health push under Mayor Eric Adams, who vocally credits his plant-only diet with helping his diabetes.

“I love healthy food and I love life, and our children should not continually be fed food that’s causing their health care crisis,” he said Thursday on Fox5. “Childhood obesity, childhood diabetes, asthma — there’s a real correlation to what we serve in the Department of Education every day and what is being served in our hospitals, our jails.

“We should not be feeding the crisis. And we’re going to allow the children to have the option of tasting some good tasting, healthy food.”

He has diabetes so school children must eat plants on Friday. Nothing like a totalitarian telling people what to eat.

Adams also credits his diet with saving his eyesight and his life. Hmmm….

He’s shades of Bloomberg on food fiats. Too bad he isn’t as good at controlling crime. He holds meetings on how he’ll solve crime by not addressing criminals.

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