Best-selling Dem author describes how Trump will remain in office forever


When people of the left come up with a claim that the President will not leave office, it is alarming. It’s frightening because the left always accuses their opponents of doing what they are doing or plan to do. With that as a backdrop, you should know that an ‘acclaimed’ Democrat author insists the President has a plan to refuse to leave office when his term is up. The author even knows how he will do it.

Although that is one of the more absurd claims made about this 74-year-old President, many on the left believe it. Hillary Clinton made the notion popular during the 2016 debates when she said he won’t accept the results of the election.

According to Seth Abramson, the author of the New York Times bestselling book, Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America, Trump’s plan to remain in office despite an electoral defeat would not involve using the military or law enforcement to stage a “coup,” Jonathan Vankin writes at The Inquistr, summarizing the new book.

“Instead, Abramson wrote in a lengthy Twitter essay compiled by Thread Reader, the plot to reject the election results would unfold primarily through the media and the court system,” Vankin writes.

If you read the thread, you might find it is completely paranoid and conspiratorial.


Vankin continues, Abramson, in his essay, writes that “everyone who knows him” believes that Trump will attempt to undermine the election results in an attempt to remain in office if he loses. As seen in the video below on this page, Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, testified to Congress in February 2019, that Trump would not allow a “peaceful transition of power” in the event that he is defeated in 2020.

That is false. Everything he says is false. The President has shown time and again he wants to return us to the rule of law.

The plan according to Abramson is to have surrogates — Republican politicians and media — “delegitimize” the election. Then, Trump will file lawsuits to “create the appearance of ‘legitimate’ doubt.”

That is exactly what Democrats are doing right now.

The Trump campaign would next recruit “sycophants” who would “challenge a state’s slate of electors,” Abramson says.

The last thing Trump will do is call for a new election.

Interestingly, there was talk of that when Hillary Clinton lost, but it didn’t go far.

The Democrats and Abramson use the President’s jokes as evidence to back it up.

The article states that the President has said 27 times that he will not leave office at the end of his term. That statement reflects the jokes he tells to goad the Democrats.

Here is one of those jokes:

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