Between Fumbling Fauci and Mumbling Joe, COVID Vaccine Confusion Grows


Between Fumbling Fauci and Mumbling Joe, COVID Vaccine Confusion Grows

Joe Biden’s teaming up with Tony Fauci in the fight against the China Virus has gotten off to a very shaky start.

Last week Hunter’s Father greeted a hopeful national audience with, “there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”

Former Michigan Rep. Justin Amash (Libertarian/Independent) pushed back by reminding Biden, “Haven’t we been told for months that restrictions and mandates were necessary to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months?”

That wasn’t Joe’s only bump in the COVID road.  Biden’s “100 million in 100 days” goal came under fire for aiming too low — with data showing the country was already distributing more than 1 million shots a day when he took office.

When asked last week why he didn’t aim higher, Joseph replied in his typically testy, sometimes unintelligible Bidenese, “Come on, gimme a break, man! It’s a good start.”

Not to be outdone, Dr. Fauci reminded us of his COVID foul-ups from a year ago by having to correct a huge piece of info he’d badly misreported.  In speaking to Ted Koppel, Saint Tony was explicit in declaring, “You know, the goal that’s been set, which I believe is entirely achievable, is to have 100 million people vaccinated in the first 100 days.”

When asked at the time whether that meant “both vaccines,” he quickly and decisively replied, “Primary and boost, yes.”



During a Sunday interview, Dr. Fauci attempted to clean up his mess.  He admitted President Biden’s pledge to distribute 100 million shots of COVID-19 vaccines in his first 100 days in office does not mean 100 million Americans will be vaccinated during that time.

On CBS’s “Face the Nation.” he said that number of vaccines would only result in around 67 million people fully inoculated because both current vaccines require two shots.  That means the double-talking, media darling’s calculation on the distribution of two life-saving drugs was off by a full 33%!

Did he not factor in the double doses needed and then allow for the appropriate downtime required between shots?  That’s scary. The math would seem pretty straight forward.

It’s not as if Fauci can blame this kind of screwup on the pressures of actually treating COVID patients because he never has.  The closest Tony came to infected patients was, as it turned out, to wrongfully criticize their heroic frontline doctors over the use of hydroxychloroquine.

The nation would be much better served it fumbling Fauci spent less time doing softball interviews and more time focused on double-checking basic, critical, life-saving information. Hunter’s Father, on the other hand, needs to take more questions and provide in-depth answers.  It’s a solid way to offer the public the kind of reassurance sadly lacking in this past week’s confusing COVID vaccine rollout.

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2 years ago

Why should we listen to Fauci or any of his colleagues.

Gadsden Forlorn
Gadsden Forlorn
2 years ago

Hunter’s father probably Can’t take more questions. As someone who has witnessed the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease on a very dear M.D. and close friend, I can say that I believe Hunter’s father, likely has it. It’s nothing to laugh at. It’s very sad, and heartbreaking. I will never laugh at his inevitable decline, but I think we’re all witnessing it. My wonderful, amazing friend lived for about 10 years, after diagnosis. But he didn’t recognize his own wife and children after the first 5 years of dementia. He was always a very good man. But in that condition, no one could be entrusted with any level of responsibility. I pray for their family and for our proud nation. Hard times are ahead.

Not Sure
Not Sure
2 years ago

If the masks work then how is there a spike in certain places?
Maybe those places have open borders über alles and an influx of traveling migrant workers?
Hmm…so hmm.
The Branch Covidian cult is the new normal but I have seen more people with no mask on here lately.
Muh free market seems to work in those cases as the store wants all the greenbacks it can get since the too big to fail rating only applies to banksters and nomenklatura apparatchiks.
The bleach hype was a Not Sure Brawndo Tallcan moment as sunlight and UV light are a disinfectant.
One thing I’m sure of is that Rockstar is way better than Brawndo which is no longer in business.
Maybe they could make a comeback?