Beware of False Flag Rallies


I have never heard of a violent Maga or Tea rally until January 6, and those lunatics came armed. It’s not us. They might have been incited by false flags. We believe the false flags are coming from the Left and some naive people are falling for it.


My gut is telling me we are being framed with fake rallies. And now our leaders have no platform to warn or speak out against these…

Please spread the word that these are not us. I don’t know how else to stop this.

+++Through this post, I have received a couple of messages that state that these are Libertarian Rallies. I am not saying I do not believe the claims, but since this is a REPUBLIC, use your judgment as you will with this information. Still seems like potentially bad optics to me, so I am keeping the post up.

EDIT: We have a couple of contributors who have created posters that are FAR better than my MSPaint Version:


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3 years ago

That is precisely what went on the afternoon of January 6th. Antifa and BLM wolves instigated the invasion of the building…and in some instances, the police welcomed them in.