Biden’s immigration policy will destroy the Republic in months


Joe Biden will immediately transform this country, as we’ve said here, with illegal immigrants, and carefully-selected legal ones as well. They will come in and overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

Biden promised to deport no one for 100 days, including criminals. He doesn’t even see felons as felons. He’ll decide what a felon is, and it’s not, for example, drunk drivers who are here illegally.

Democrats have the power to give them all amnesty, and a path to citizenship and the vote.

The problem is whenever you have a huge influx of immigrants, they have not had time to assimilate and accept our values. Some of the people coming in are uneducated, poor, and needy. They will need the Democrat freebies that will crash our capitalist economy. Dems don’t like capitalism any longer.


We also have communists from foreign lands, terrorists, and criminals coming into the country. It’s already started. They are piling up at the border, and they now make up the overwhleming majority of the illegal aliens.

Judicial Watch published a chilling report that shows the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants arrested by federal authorities in 2020 had an average of four criminal convictions or charges, according to a year-end report published by the government.


In the document, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reveals it arrested 103,603 illegal aliens last fiscal year with a total of more than 374,000 convictions and charges.

Driving under the influence was the most popular conviction or charge at 74,000, followed by drug crimes (67,000), assaults (37,000), sex offenses (10,000), robberies (3,800), homicides (1,900), and kidnappings (1,600).

It doesn’t end there. An additional 185,884 illegal immigrants were deported by ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in 2020, and most of them—64%—had criminal convictions or pending charges.

In fact, they had a total of 399,235 criminal convictions and pending charges, according to statistics provided by the Homeland Security agency.

Those removed from the country include 4,276 gang members, 675 of them from the famously violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), and 31 terrorists. ICE reports that 350 were considered “high-profile removals.”


Among them is a Bosnian named Saudin Agani, who provided material support to a terrorist organization and has ties to the suspect who attacked two New York City police officers in 2020.

Judicial Watch has reported extensively on some of the culprits, providing outrageous examples that include elected law enforcement officials freeing child sex offenders, major counties releasing numerous violent convicts and a state—North Carolina—that discharged nearly 500 illegal immigrant criminals from custody in a year.

There is much more in the report. Read more on this link.


The people coming in now are majority criminals, dangerous criminals, and Biden plans to let a hundred million or more into the country before his term is up. Then they will get a path to citizenship.


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3 years ago

The Republic has already been destroyed. I have shed my tears and now await the arrival of the American Caesar to restore life and liberty to the people who built this once great nation. Hail Caesar!

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
3 years ago

Communism is the doctrine of the class struggle of the proletariat within capitalist society. Its goal is the destruction of the capitalist world-system and its replacement by the Commune of the world-economy.

Its struggle and mission are international. The very existence of the bourgeoisie and proletariat is determined by the capitalist mode of production. The struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat moves through nations, tearing them apart with the antagonisms between the classes in enemy camps. But as both classes can only exist so long as capitalist society lasts, at the end of their struggle class-antagonisms in every country will be abolished by the victorious proletariat. By smashing the capitalist form of economy and eradicating the capitalist class-society and wage system, the proletariat abolishes the bourgeoisie and, at the same time, itself as a non-propertied class. In doing so, it deprives class-divisions within nations of their foundations. Communist society sets all working members of a people [Volk] alongside one another, free and equal. It arises out of the socialized labor of a classless people, and comes to completion through the federalist integration of the economy of the classless peoples in the World Commune.

The revolutionary struggle of the proletariat, mobilized within the embrace of the bourgeois nations, picks up the revolutionary tendencies extant when it first begins. Where bourgeois society is itself still struggling with feudal forces over the “political structure”, the proletariat fights in the foremost battle-lines of the bourgeoisie as the most energetic stratum driving the Revolution forward. After the bourgeoisie triumphs over the feudal world, the proletariat intervenes in the revolutionary struggles which unleash the emerging, reinvigorated groups of the bourgeois class to participate in the power of the state, and while also supporting the bourgeois wings of the revolution in these upheavals, it at the same time campaigns for the implementation of its own class goals in order to broaden its own revolutionary basis of struggle against the entire bourgeois class. It is precisely the course of the bourgeois revolutions which furnishes visible evidence that the bourgeois struggle for emancipation is unfurling the problems of humanity’s liberation, but that it is necessary to overcome bourgeois society itself in order to resolve these problems. All of these problems therefore fall automatically within the ambit of proletarian struggle. The most important of them, in which all others intersect as a focal point, is the organization of the nation. For the political manifestation of bourgeois society is the bourgeois state, which attempts to organize the nation as its given basis. And as this organization has had so little success at resolving all the other problems of humanity posed by bourgeois society, but the proletariat must, in order to carry out its own emancipation, conquer and shatter the bourgeois state, then in this case too it is forced to take up the unsolved problem at precisely the point where the Bourgeois Revolution left it.

Nation and Working-Class, Heinrich Laufenberg & Fritz Wolffheim, July, 1920

Amish Hacker Corps
Amish Hacker Corps
3 years ago

Ordo Ab Chao. Order out of chaos.
In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.
Look on the back of your bottom dollar.
Build it back better, after the fundamental destruction.