Biden Abandons Israel in His Holy Mess Foreign Policy


Biden claims he is “outraged and heartbroken” over the deaths of fourteen humanitarian workers. Yet he couldn’t care less about the people dying over illegal immigration. It is tragic they died, but does anyone believe he cares?

He claims that Israel hasn’t done enough to protect aid workers who put themselves in harm’s way and demands they “deconflict.”

Biden said he will make sure Palestinians [Hamas] get all the humanitarian aid they need. He extended his condolences to the [reckless] Chef Andres, chef of World Kitchen.

If only he cared about Americans.

However, continuing the foreign policy of utter confusion, Blinken came out in support of Israel, and the Pentagon threatened to join Israel in retaliatory strikes if Iran hits Israel.

A US official has told Al Jazeera that the Pentagon could intervene militarily if there is an Iranian attack launched against Israel.

A US Pentagon source told Al Jazeera Arabic: “We do not rule out launching joint retaliatory strikes with Israel if it is attacked by Iran or its agents.”

That’s all that was said.

Donald Trump said that Biden abandoned Israel and no one will trust us.  Whatever you think of Donald Trump, when he was in office, he wasn’t starting wars, and everyone knew what his foreign policy was.

Trump stopped by a Chik-fil-A in Atlanta and bought everyone milkshakes and chicken. You won’t see this in the mainstream unless they use it to mock him.

Trump is a blue-collar billionaire.

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