Biden the Wrecking Ball Opens Recruitment Up to 70 Year Olds


Now that Bidenistas have ruined the military, they are encouraging retirees up to 70 years of age to return to active duty.

The Daily Caller report:

The Army is seeking to bring back retired soldiers to fill critical manpower shortages, according to a service-wide directive published this week.

The All Army Activities (ALARACT) document describes how Army retirees can find and apply for open positions and aims to maintain a sufficient number of personnel to fill all of the Army’s authorized positions.

The message comes as the service has publicly acknowledged struggles to balance a shrinking workforce with the demands of sprawling global mission sets as recruitment woes persist for a third year in a row.

“There is no age limitation, although personnel older than 70 are not normally recalled.”

Any Army, Reserve or National Guard soldier who qualifies as retired or will soon be retired — meaning they achieved at least 20 years of service — and anyone receiving retired pay is eligible to apply, the message states. Neither age nor disability, alone, would exclude a soldier from joining depending on the disability, and they would still have to meet the Army’s health requirements.

“There is no age limitation, although personnel older than 70 are not normally recalled,” the message states.

Does “not normally” mean, they might take 80 year olds?

Just like Hitler who recruited youth and the elderly.

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