Biden addressed the nation with no answers and then ran away


Biden began his speech today bragging about the communist ‘infrastructure’ bill that Pelosi passed in the House today.

He tried to claim it was bipartisan and would save Americans money. He said we will ‘build back better, the slogan of the Great Reset.

As for today’s g7, he claimed they are all in agreement. He bragged about all the Afghans he has gotten out of the country.

About evacuation, the g7 agreed to cooperate and get everyone out by August 31st. He might talk about extending the date at some point but said the longer we stay, the more likely it is there will be an attack.

What a coward.

The g7 will respond according to the Taliban’s behavior, send them humanitarian aid, and claimed falsely they are vetting Afghans to bring them to the United States.

Biden again lied and pretended the problem is that he left Afghanistan not the way he left. He said Donald Trump is responsible for the issues we are having now.

He didn’t address: Taliban won’t let Americans through checkpoints, we are dependent on the Taliban, how many Americans are in Afghanistan, how many Americans were rescued, and more.

Just so you know, since he didn’t mention it, he is already drawing down the troops.

Biden is a coward. This is Obama’s plan to make us insignificant.

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